Reanimated: American Flag Cake

Name:  Jane

Original Inspiration:


What I Did: My grandpa was born on the Fourth of July, so every year we have his party and our Fourth of July celebration together. This year my cousin and I decided to get crafty and we found this ADORABLE cake that didn’t look too hard to make. Everything was ok until we went to put it together. That’s when we ran into some issues.

My Result:

pinterest fail flag cake

Next Time I Will: Don’t use white cake mix, use something that’s more dense and make the layers thinner. Also have more support in the cake.



  1. Beans

    Ummm, that wasn’t caused by using white cake mix. That was caused by operator error.

  2. jennifer c.

    We’re all of your layers the same size? It looks like the bottom layers were smaller which could have created structure problems.

  3. Kara

    Oh my gosh, I was coming here to see how to submit, as I just failed at this very cake today! The blue ring just fell apart. Instead of having a patriotic cake, I had culinary treason!

  4. rickieleigh

    I made this for the 4th and it came out just fine. If you add regular food dye instead of ultra concentrated gels or pastes it can make the cake too moist because you have to add like a whole bottle to get it red or blue (and then the cake tastes like dye instead anyway). I used this recipe, which is my easy (cheating) go to for a cake that is going to be sculpted:

    Also, a thin layer of buttercream between each layer (I had six of them) helps to glue it together better. And whenever I work with sculpted (or pieced together cakes when trying to fix a caketastrophe!) the freezer is totally your friend. Assemble, crumb coat, freeze, then frost.

  5. Jocelyn C

    Having made similar cakes…. if you are using cake mix, pay attention to the brand. Do NOT use Betty Crocker…. your cakes will fall apart. I would recommend Duncan Hines. Secondly, use a good homemade, stiff buttercream recipe. Make sure your cake layers are COMPLETELY cooled before you ice them. Also as mentioned above, use the concentrated gels and pastes made for coloring icing to color your cake batter. And agree with the above – assemble, crumb coat, freeze (or refrigerate), then frost. Also if you aren’t going to assemble the same day you bake – wrap each individual cake layer in plastic wrap then foil and refrigerate until the next day. Helps keep the moisture in the cake.

  6. JustMe

    I would also say those wires (candles? Sparklers?) are put in exactly the wrong spots, it looks like they acted like a wire cake cutter and separated that cake very neatly, Bad placement for them.

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