Fail: No Heat Curls

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Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail No Heat Curls inspiration

What I Did: I’m a mom and a full-time employee. I work from home so I don’t have much reason to make myself up in the morning. After having a tough time getting going one week I thought ” hey maybe if I get dressed and fix myself up a bit like I’m going to the office I will be more motivated” I wanted to do something with my hair that would be easy and non damaging. I followed all the steps and this was my end result. I look like Adele and Carrot Top’s sad little love child!

My Result:
Pinterest Fail No Heat Curls result

Next Time I Will: Never again. My hair is too short and too damaged for this to have good results. I think girls with medium and fine hair would have good luck with this.

Pinterest Fail No Heat Curls storyboard


  1. Akane

    Trust me, as a girl with ultra fine hair, I did not have better luck.

  2. Bridge

    I have fine hair maybe just a little longer.
    My daughter separates her hair into 2 pony tails and twists them up then around and ties them to the top of her head. (top of her head so you don’t have straight hair on top and curly on bottom). Use mostly dry hair, only a little bit damp or it won’t dry. I actually take dry hair and spray it a few times then do mine. It comes out similarly, but more curly and you skip that flat top if you do it on the top. Also, you get better curl because you aren’t twisting such small pieces. Worth a try. I’ll try to post a picture. We sleep that way and take it out in the morning. 🙂 (P.S. I think with a little finger combing, you might be able to make that cute. I have done the same thing and laughed. Thank god my vanity has lessened as I’ve aged. 🙂

  3. Tegan

    You just didn’t get to the last step — which is another brushing step. But no, pincurls are not for the faint of heart! But I’d say that worked spectacularly. Just finish the process next time. 🙂

  4. Linda

    I would say try not pin so tightly near the scalp, and instead of just making little circles, try actually twisting the actual hair itself and then pin lightly to your head-also make sure you use more hair on each one. I have longer hair and do this all the time and it works great….gives me soft wavy hair. I already have good body, but this gives it better shape

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