27 Aug

Win: Doctor Who Tardis Shirt

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Pin Reaper: MissusTodd

Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/415316396857041559/


What I Did: First off, please ignore the mess in the background; it was a crafty weekend! Second, I decided to go with a different design than the inspiration, because I wanted to use a black shirt (and my son wanted something a bit different than the usual Doctor Who/Tardis fare.) I used clear contact paper and a craft knife to make my stencil to help avoid the dreaded “bleed-under” you can get from just using stencil paper or cardboard. I also used a 100% cotton shirt, which is an absolute NECESSITY when making bleach stencil shirts. (I learned the hard way when I thought a 90/10% blend would work in a previous attempt. Much sadness.) I find that the less detailed stencils work best, but with patience you can make most anything work. At the end of the day, this was a Pinterest WIN all the way…….and my son LOVED it! :)

My Result:


Next Time I Will: Nothing different. Again: 100% cotton shirt, simple/bold stencil design, contact paper, and you are in business!

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12 Aug

Fail: Braided-back Shirt

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Pin Reaper: Erica

Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/330381322637194143/ via http://livingwithjane.com/diy-braided-back-shirt


What I Did: Girls night gone bad.

My Result:



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12 Jun

Fail: Leopard Accessory

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Pin Reaper: Blendra

My Blog: http://blendra.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/blendra

Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/3588874676926708/

What I Did: I was trying to find something to wear with my leopard print boots. Haha.

Blog Post Detailing The Experience: http://blendra.com/laugh/embrace-your-true-self

My Result:

Pinterest Fail leopard boot outfit inspiration


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27 Jul

Fail: DIY Workout Tank

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Name: skyler

Original Inspiration: http://pinterest.com/pin/33847434671725865/, via http://www.blogilates.com/fashion-2/diy-racerback-workout-shirt-tutorial

pinterest fail2

What I Did: Tried to make a workout tank…instead turned out to look like a kids shirt. :(

My Result:

pinterest fail DIY workout tank

Next Time I Will:  Won’t be saved…to the garbage. not trying again.

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23 Jul

Fail: Bleached Jeans

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Name:  Bekah

Original Inspiration:  http://advicefromatwentysomething.com/do-it-yourself-bleach-tie-dye-jeans/


What I Did: I didn’t like my plain yellow skinny jeans anymore, and wanted to jazz them up with the marbled bleach stains I had seen on DIY pins. I checked several sites, and all of them said to leave them in the bleach (rubber banded) for 20-30min. I did only 20min. I rinsed them after I was finished, but I could already tell something was wrong. I saw some holes, but I figured it might give it a cool, worn in look. When I ran them the the washing machine and took them out…they looked like a cross between zombie pants and pirate pants. I figure my Halloween costume will be covered…

My Result:

pinterest fail bleach jeans

Next Time I Will: I have done a little work to them afterwards. I turned them in to cut-off shorts with a frayed edge, and then cut triangles on both sides and stitched in lace like I’ve seen on other pics. Luckily, after that they are much more appealing for public use on days other than Halloween!



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