Fail: Pig Butt Cookies

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What I Did: My best friend Nicole and I thought to make some fun, yummy cookies on a Saturday as a relaxing way to catch up with each other. When we started, we were optimistic and ready to take on the challenge. These cookies were going to look as if they were bought from a bakery when we were done… or so we thought. Lesson learned from this experience: read the directions prior to starting. We followed step-by-step directions… mostly. When it said wrap them up and put in the fridge for half an hour, we decided to to put them in the freezer for 15 minutes because it was basically the same thing; so why not, right? When the cookies were done baking, we learned we needed to flatten marshmallows on top. How do you flatten marshmallows? After many attempts, the meat cleaver came through, but then we discovered the marshmallows were to be melted on the cookies. Back into the oven they went. By this time it was 10:30pm and we had lost most motivation, especially seeing how lumpy these melted marshmallows were on top of our cookies. We decided to continue on. The next step, cut jelly beans in half, then melt Starbursts, flatten, cut into strips, and twist into corkscrew? Are you kidding me? At this point we went off on our own, Nicole icing the cookies and taking off any lumpy marshmallows, and me cutting jelly beans in half for the pigs feet. I cut one Starburst and quit. We sprinkled the pink sugar on them and called it quits at 11:45pm.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Pig Butt Cookies result

Next Time I Will: Read the directions all the way through first. The directions should say melt marshmallows first. This project could be saved by someone who is good at baking.

Pinterest Fail Pig Butt Cookies storyboard


  1. Crusher

    Fortunately, a hilarious fail with a friend beats perfect cookies every time! On a side note: the whole melting-Starburst thing seems needlessly complicated. It seems easier to me to just buy some fruit roll-ups and cut those. *shrug*

    • AA

      That also seems needlessly complicated to me. I thought it was bubble gum tape at first.

      • AA

        Also, why wouldn’t you use marshmallow fluff? Maybe whoever invented this should rethink it.

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