Fail: Magic String Easter Egg

Pin Reaper: Knits4bunny

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Magic String Easter Egg inspiration

What I Did: Sadly, I’ve tried this project twice now. This time was by far a worse result. Everything looks great, until halfway through drying, then the balloon pops and the glue-covered string turns into a blob. 🙁

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Magic String Easter Egg result

Next Time I Will: maybe try a really thick balloon?  I don’t know. I think I’m done with this project.

Pinterest Fail Magic String Easter Egg storyboard


  1. Roni

    I have made this work with a few tweaks. It is easier if you use 100% cotton crochet thread (this is really the best option as it is light weight) or Cotton Sugar n Cream yarn with a product called Stiffy. They turned out really pretty and I put fairy lights in mine after they dried. It looks like you wrapped way too much yarn around the balloon. You want them to be open. Hope this helps.

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