Fail: DIY Shakuhachi Cut Out Dress

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Pinterest Fail DIY Shakuhachi Cut Out Dress inspiration

What I Did: Cutting a t-shirt in half and then tying it back together? Easy enough. False. This is another one of Pinterest’s dirty, dirty lies. After chopping up a t-shirt like a drunk toddler, I tied the two pieces together to create the illusion of a chic dress – so much no.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail DIY Shakuhachi Cut Out Dress result

Next Time I Will: I probably should have used a tighter, longer t-shirt, but alas I did not. I carpe’d that diem and ruined an old baggy t-shirt. Oh well, there’s always more old t-shirts to slaughter.

Pinterest Fail DIY Shakuhachi Cut Out Dress storyboard


  1. ms bunny

    well nearly……… lol

  2. Dana

    That actually doesn’t look too bad, but yeah, you need to cut more carefully, and actually hem the cuts.

  3. Sydney

    Well, it really doesn’t help that the dress in the picture wasn’t DIYed. But a bigger knot would solve a lot of problems with yours, I think.

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