Reanimated: American Flag Nail Art

Name:  amanda thiessen


Original Inspiration:

What I Did: decided to do the 4th of july inspired nails for the holiday and it did not go as i thought it would. the picture looked like it would be easy and in my head i thought they would come out perfect. i was wrong.

My Result:

pinterest fail indepedence day nail art 4th of july fourth

Next Time I Will: next time i’ll go to a nail salon and leave it up to the professionals. or, go for something I KNOW i can do.



  1. C.J. Gregg

    Ok… So she can’t even stay on the nail for the basic red, so why would she ever think that she would be able to do the others?

    • Gillian

      Ok…So the website is called PinterestFail, so why would she ever think she could come to this site and find people that are perfect?

  2. D C

    CJ, most nail artists do the painting then clean it up with a q-tip and polish remover, even really good artists aren’t always spot on with the base colours! (especially that pesky offhand)

    What when wrong here looks to be a lack of clear coats between layers, the blue and white has been painted on at the same time? really some wide striping tape could have saved a lot of hassle there, then wait for it to dry, clear coat then do the heart with a large dotting tool.

    Looks to me like it went on thick and wasn’t left to dry all the way so as soon as she used her hands the nail caught on something and pulled off the sticky still wet polish.

    Just a case of practise!

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