I’m Jenna, the creator and editor of Pinterest Fail. Elsewhere on the web I can be found showing off my photo skills at Jenna Cole Photography (I can’t frost a cake, but I can take a gorgeous picture of it!)


photo credit Samantha Kelly Photography

I want to do all the things. This means I try lots of things, succeed sometimes and… fail a lot as well. I can spend hours browsing Pinterest, and the content convinces me that anyone can embark on any DIY project with fabulous results. Perfection hasn’t been my experience, and I’m guessing failure has happened to some of you as well. I created this site for all of us to have a good laugh at our mistakes.

There are a few goals I hope to achieve with this site:

  1. Giggle together about our fails.
  2. Find out which of those pins we should be avoiding. A pretty picture doesn’t always mean it’s a perfect recipe or DIY craft tutorial, right?
  3. Give us a space to brainstorm ways to improve failed crafts. Maybe your first attempt at peach cupcakes didn’t turn out, but a commenter might have a tried-and-true recipe for you. And what about that melted crayon craft? Sometimes it just doesn’t work out like you think it will!

We’ll take a look at Epic Wins too. Pinterest is a fantastic resource and I know many of us have found out about things (like sticking rolled up magazines in your boots to keep them from slouching over!) that made life just a little bit better in one way or another.

This is a site with content generated by readers, so please take some pictures of your failures/wins and send them my way!

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