08 Aug

Fail: Panda Bear Cupcakes

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Pin Reaper: Julia

Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/392376186257145030/ via http://www.redskyfood.com/2013/11/panda-bear-cupcakes.html


What I Did: The frosting link provided in the recipe made an ultra greasy frosting that was unusable. So, instead we decided to forego the frosting all together and simply whip up a glaze to use as glue and decorate as planned. They are very yummy cupcakes that are decorated in a scarier than intended manner.

My Result: 

pinterest fail panda bear cupcakes result

Next Time I Will: Next time around, I would use my own butter-cream frosting recipe that actually works and then decorate as planned.

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07 Aug

Win: Kit Kat Birthday Cake

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Pin Reaper: Jessica

Original Inspiration: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=514935981946646&set=a.381511765289069.1073741825.280468348726745&type=1


What I Did: This was made by my grandma and cousin. For beginners I think they nailed it perfectly!

My Result: result

Next Time I Will: Nothing!

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06 Aug

User Error: Deviled Egg Chicks

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Pin Reaper: Chel-C

Original Inspiration: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/157696424426438296/ via http://savingdollarsandsense.com/deviled-egg-chicks/

pinterest fail deviled egg chicks inspiration

What I Did: I used parts of multiple recipes and did not measure my ingredients. The yolk mixture came out too thin and the boiled eggs that I cut in a zig-zag pattern kept tearing apart. They looked some what like a chick before the car ride over to the event :/

My Result: 

pinterest fail deviled egg chicks result

Next Time I Will:  Measure my ingredients. Boil the eggs a few days earlier.

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31 Jul

TV Appearance Opportunity for Pin Reapers!

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Pinterest Fail HQ has been contacted by a television producer looking to featured one of the Pin Reapers in a spot they are developing. This is legitimate guys! If you’re in Southern California, read the information below and send the requested information to the email address listed so we can all watch you make it big on the small screen!

Are you the Queen of Pinterest who loves to try out creative projects but always seem to get it wrong? Did you experiment with a Pinterest cooking project but ended in complete disaster? If so, a major network talk show pilot wants to help you turn it into a win! If you’re located in Southern California, email your name, contact info, age, a photo of your Pinterest cooking project gone wrong and a recent photo of yourself to talkshowpilotcasting@gmail.com. All submissions become property of the Producer.

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24 Jul

Hardly Sweetened

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Hey Reapers! It’s Jenna, the creator of Pinterest Fail. This diversion from usual Pinterest Fail content is brought to you by my newest venture – Hardly Sweetened.

Hardly Sweetened. Low-sugar cocktails for drinkers who are In It For The Taste.

Hardly Sweetened


Click over to find a site devoted to low-sugar cocktails that are all about exploring flavors other than SWEEEEEET, as well as how-to posts explaining cocktail terms, creating homemade mixers, and building up the skills necessary to create cocktails at home. And I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the recipes featured on the site never end up being submitted to Pinterest Fail!

Have a cocktail recipe you love that’s low in sugar? Maybe something savory made with bacon? (I love bacon.) Use the contact form on the site to submit a recipe of your own and it could end up being featured on the site!

Thanks for your support and regular Fail posts should resume shortly. Happy Pinning, Winning, and Failing! – J