Fail: Unicorn Birthday Cake

Pin Reaper: Nina Eiland


Original Inspiration:

What I Did: The infamous Unicorn rainbow birthday cake. I made the horn out of foundant. My 4 year old was thrilled but apparently when pictured from this angle it resembled a male body part, at least that’s what everyone who saw this picture on social media said. My husband has made sure everyone has seen it too.

My Result:

Next Time I Will: I’ll use an ice cream cone.


  1. finikki

    The original image looks like the cake is just a block of styrofoam. I’m not sure what technique they used to make the frosting look that way.

    • Crystal

      I think the original is covered in a sheet of textured fondant. When you roll out fondant, you can roll it on a textured may or use a textured rolling pin (and it also works for our crust and cookie dough that doesn’t spread)

  2. Hermione

    I think it looks great!

  3. Jules

    I agree with your husband…FUNNIEST. THING. EVER! I absolutely love it!!!

  4. Lori Womack Shields

    I bought a beautiful cake made by a local baker. I have no idea of how she made the flowers stand up the way she did. It was truly a work of art. Unfortunately, it was inedible. The taste is inexplicable. Suffice to say it went straight into the trash.

  5. Reggie

    I think u did an awesome job, and I applaud your effort!

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