Fail: Dog Cookies

Pin Reaper: Chip Dorsch

Original Inspiration:

What I Did: I set out to make decorated sugar cookies of a boxer to say thank you to my vet for saving my dog’s life. I first attempted to make the dough from scratch and that failed. It was super crumbly. So I resorted to pre-made dough and that made a HUGE difference. I had 4 different cookie cutters and the most ambitious was the face of a boxer. I was really looking forward to bringing that to life. Well, I quickly learned that I am no good at decorating cookies. My first attempt looks like Mufasa who has been up for days on Meth. So I threw in the towel on that cutter and kept to the more simple ones like the bone and paw print.

My Result:

Next Time I Will: Next time I will order these from a professional if I want the super ambitious designs. Otherwise, my simple designs came out quite cute. I think maybe I would get some different types of icing to mix it up a bit.


  1. joan

    lmao greatest fail description ever!

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