1. Amanda

    PEOPLE OF PINTEREST, STOP TRYING TO MAKE TWINE BALLS OUT OF YARN. Twine is normally made of natural fibers which are able to absorb liquids. Cheap-o yarn is usually acrylic which does not absorb moisture very well (read: GLUE). It’s like trying to glue a bunch of spaghetties together by slopping glue on just the outside pieces and then wondering why the middle fell out. This Pinterest fail is a user error.

  2. Kat

    I have actually had this work for me but this was years ago (before pinterest!) I sprayed the balloons all over with light coating of cooking oil first!! then dragged the yarn thru elmers glue to apply. After all the yarn was applied then the balloon was hung up for a couple hours to let the glue dry then pop the balloon and it usually will slide right out! It helps to have two people work together because the balloons are slippery!!

  3. Lindsay

    Years ago, when I was a kid, my mother did a similar project with me. We used yarn and it held together just fine.

  4. susan

    The tutorial on the inspiration post wasn’t even close to being followed.

  5. amy

    had two teenagers do this the other night , with yarn and supplies from dollar store using glue instead of modge podge and they are beautiful and in my living room

  6. Dana

    Dude, yarn isn’t nearly the same thing as twine. Twine has inherent stiffness because of the fibers and techniques used to make it. Next time, try actual twine.

  7. whatintheworld

    Woah surprised by some of the shaming on here. Let’s be kind! We’re all learning and we all fail sometimes.. I could totally see myself having a similar outcome here. if you’re looking for perfection there’s a site for that… it’s called Pinterest.

  8. Belle Walker

    If you really want it to work, try using liquid starch (for fabric) instead of mod podge.

  9. j

    is this site donezo?

  10. Peggy Cleary

    The fiber has to be stiff and has to separate easily from the balloon.
    If it isn’t stiff by itself, the glue needs to have made it stiff and hard before you pop the balloon. You can test that by poking the balloon with your finger between the strings without popping it, to see whether the string stays put or follows the balloon. Where I live, Mod Podge never dries completely hard and would not be the right glue for this project. You need something that will get good and stiff. White glue like Elmer’s usually works well. Be sure your fiber is thoroughly soaked and as another commenter suggested, oil the balloon too.

  11. Cathy

    I tried this too. Two of mine looked like yours, the third actually held up.

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