Fail: Headband Curls

Pin Reaper: Kat

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Headband Curls inspiration

What I Did: 
My hair is similar length and texture (from what I could tell) as the lady in the tutorial. I followed her instructions as perfectly as possible. My headband looked exactly like hers when I went to bed! This is what I woke up to! (Needless to say, I took a straightener to it right away!)

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Headband Curls result

Next Time I Will: maybe wrap larger sections and start with drier hair?

Pinterest Fail Headband Curls storyboard


  1. sherrie

    Looks like Iola from Moma’s Family. Bless her!

  2. Riley T.

    lol thats something i would do

  3. Dana

    This reminds me of when I tried to do pincurls >.>

  4. M2

    You look like actress Kristen Schaal!

  5. oliver classon

    lol happen to my hair to

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