Fail: Hogwarts Vertical Layer Cake

Pin Reaper: Karen

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Hogwarts Vertical Layer Cake inspiration

What I Did: My daughter wanted a Harry Potter-themed 10th birthday and this cake looked reasonably easy to do. Just bake 4 colored layers and insert frosting in between them. How hard could it be?

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Hogwarts Vertical Layer Cake result

Next Time I Will: I didn’t follow the cake recipe in the pin, but used regular yellow cake instead, since I didn’t think a bunch of 9 and 10 year olds would like spice cake. That might be the problem because the spice cake in the pin might have been sturdier and better able to hold up to the frosting.

Pinterest Fail Hogwarts Vertical Layer Cake storyboard


  1. AA

    These are notoriously hard to make. You have to work your way up to this sort of thing.

  2. Jibriel

    Scratch cake and box cake are very different. Box cake tends to be very soft and moist, while scratch cakes are much more dry and hard.

  3. Suzy

    I’d suggest using cold cake, and a sturdier icing- anything from a can won’t hold up to that kind of construction. You might also try any pound cake or home recipe that uses AP flour instead of Cake flour, as it won’t be crumbly- No need to use spice cake, but boxed mixes are extremely soft. They’re not impossible to work with, but I’d go with a bundt or pound cake recipe for something like this.

  4. Donna

    God bless you for thinking the texture of the cake is the ONLY thing that went wrong.

    • Elke

      Bless you for this comment.

  5. knifegirl86

    That cake is WAY too moist for this. You need a dense and less moist cake to do these kinds of layers. Plus a multi-layered frosting probably needs a different consistency than the typical store-bought stuff.
    Next time: just make a normal cake and print out a edible Harry Potter picture to put on it. Or stencil and do decorative frosting. Or action figures on top.

  6. lenny

    that cake looks like my life in a nutshell lol

  7. Jen

    This one wins the Pininterest Fail of the Year Award. Congratulations!

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