Fail: Valentine’s Day Heart-shaped Cookies

Pin Reaper: KJ

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Valentine's Day Heart-shaped Cookies inspiration

What I Did: Trying to use a cookie press with the heart shape for the first time, and instead of hearts I got something completely different. I thought they would expand when cooking.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Valentine's Day Heart-shaped Cookies result

Next Time I Will: Never use the heart-shaped cookie press shape, unless it’s for a bachelorette party.

Pinterest Fail Valentine's Day Heart-shaped Cookies storyboard


  1. DeeDee

    This might be my favorite Pinterest Fail ever.

  2. Katie

    You just didn’t push enough dough out of the cookie press to make a full heart shape…

  3. Renee

    I can’t stop laughing. Thank you for a much needed laugh in my day.

  4. Heather

    Now here I thought this was a bachelorette party win!

  5. Crusher

    So funny! I’m picturing these hanging off the back of a silly man’s truck! lol

  6. Jenifer Gazwell

    Ha ha poor mans butt house. Good cookie dough.

  7. kt

    I’m laughing too. I’ll bet if you actually tried to do this it would’nt work

  8. Lily

    Just a liiiiitle more dough extruded and you would’ve been golden. I’d try again, you’ll get it the second time!

  9. tammy g

    I’m hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ellen W.

    I did this exact same thing- only I tried to tint the dough pink and it came out more… well… like the crayon they used to call “flesh.”

    They were still tasty though.

  11. Riley T.


  12. KB

    Thanks for the laugh.

  13. jrod3737

    More like a Pentrist Fail

  14. Dana

    Omg I am ded. XD <3

    Maybe make the sides more convex?

  15. Linda

    Omg – crying laughing.

  16. Susan

    Nothing says love quite your cookies.

  17. Michaela O'Friel

    EVERY THING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!!! Case and point!!
    You go Sweetie!

  18. Yianna

    User error. Need to be using constant pressure and pull straight up when using the cookie press.

  19. Jules

    I don’t think a picture has ever made me laugh so hard and I love that you decorated that cookie anyway. I sent it out to all my friends-lol. That was an awesome fail 👍

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