FailWin: Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

Pin Reaper: Dodie

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Triple Chocolate Cheesecake inspiration

What I Did: I followed the directions. To be honest, it tasted good, but clearly I didn’t achieve a beautiful presentation.

My Result:
Pinterest Fail Triple Chocolate Cheesecake result

Next Time I Will: I would apply the top layer of chocolate after removing the springform pan, which, I believe, was not what the directions called for.  Also, I would add the chocolate shavings while the top layer of chocolate was still warm, but only after I practiced shaving chocolate to improve the appearance. Ok, so I’m not a chef.

Pinterest Fail Triple Chocolate Cheesecake storyboard


  1. GateauxGato

    It’s possible they poured the top layer in the pan like the recipe said and then added more to smooth it out and get the fancy looking drips. Something had to be done after the springform was removed to get the drips though, so the instructions really should have been more specific.

    For the shavings, it helps a lot to have a slightly warmed bar of chocolate- that way the chocolate curls and holds instead of breaking into small shards. I’ve had trouble getting dark chocolate to curl nicely but it may have been the temperature thing again (it’s a recent lightbulb moment for me)

    Still looks delicious!

  2. Joanne

    I’d still eat it lol

  3. AA

    This is the best type of fail- the one where you go, “It doesn’t look good enough for company. Guess I’ll have to eat it myself.”

  4. Jennifer

    Maybe too much wine? LOL

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