1. Andrea Withrow

    My grandma used make these all the time. You did great, just need to use better icing and learn how to pipe icing

    • Andrea Withrow

      Actually I don’t think any piping was done. Just use candy to decorate the face, ears and bowtie.

  2. Renee

    I think it’s adorable….so what if it doesn’t look exactly the same?? Be proud of the hard work.

  3. Steph

    It looks like you were suppose to use whipped cream frosting. A.k.a thinner frosting.

    In other words, the frosting you used was too thick.

  4. Hannah

    I think he’s cute as a button!

  5. Jassie

    That is a win in my book!

  6. Michaela O'Friel

    I think yours are by far, MUCH CUTER!! I’d bet A LOT that yours taste MUCH BETTER!!

    Well done!!!!

  7. Bec

    Looks great to me!

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