1. Dance

    I’m thinking the brown eggs are the issue here. Blue was the only color dark enough to show up. Same result is going to happen with a dye kit. You have to have the plain white base for this to go well

  2. Andrea Withrow

    Brown eggs will never dye well. It probably would have turned out fine if you had used white eggs.

  3. Julie

    What boggles my mind is that this person used brown eggs, didn’t think it was enough of a difference to be worth mentioning, and seems to feel that the fault lies with the original poster. C’est Ridicule!

  4. Pepper

    Brown eggs? Seriously?

  5. Chloe

    I did this with my family, and it worked out great! (we used white eggs) I think the only problem was the color. It was a little pale for my taste, but it was SUPER fun!!!

  6. Jessaca

    Why does everyone try to use brown eggs to dye on here then get upset they turn out like brown eggs dyed different colors? Its what you set yourself up for. The pin uses white…follow directions and then it will come out better.

  7. Barbara West

    I actually think the dyed brown eggs are pretty! Very earthy and unusual and would be great for a centerpiece other than Easter if one was expecting the standard bright pastels.

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