1. Andrea Withrow

    So you followed the directions to buy rattan balls from the dollar store, chose not to use them, and then made string/glue balls to put on your lights instead?

    • Andrea Withrow

      I don’t think “followed instructions” means what you think it means…

  2. Razzy

    I don’t see how this one was published. OP did not do what the original pin said to do. Perhaps the wrong link was included?

  3. Violet

    It looks like a spider egg sack !!!

  4. Evelyn

    It looks like a piece of avant-garde art. I love it.

  5. Crys

    LMAO I love how you hung them anyway…crying here!

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  7. Sally Forth

    I have done this string craft and looking at this makes me think the string was not completely dry before you tried to remove the balloon. No matter how many hours the directions say to let it dry, you have to adjust the time for your location and weather. I think drying it inside instead of outside would make a difference, too. Also, take into consideration the thickness of the string. I hope you aren’t too discouraged! I’ve used a hair dryer to soften the glue in order to pull a ball into the shape I want. That might work for yours.

  8. Faith

    Pretty sure the wrong link was included. I think OP was following one of those DIY twine balls which requires wrapping twine around a blown balloon. Judging from the result I think the glue was applied on too thickly all over the balloon and wasn’t allowed enough time to dry , hence the translucent shell and the sagging

  9. Peggy Cleary

    The link wasn’t wrong, in the comments you can see that people were recommending making your own string-around-the-balloon versions because the grapevine ones were no longer available. But the instructions the commenters gave on doing this were pretty minimal. The process is to coat or dip the STRING in glue and wrap it around the balloon. One does NOT coat the entire balloon with glue and then wrap with string. Use a glue that dries hard, like Elmers or other white PVA glue. Only when the string has dried completely stiff, pop the balloon with a pin. The parts of the balloon which have no glue on them are still soft and elastic. As it shrivels up, it pulls away from the stiffened string and you can fish it out between the strings.

  10. Jules

    I don’t know what was funnier when I saw this-the final product or the fact that you hung it up anyway! I love it!

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