FailWin: Especially Dark Chocolate Cake

Pin Reaper: Terrie

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Especially Dark Chocolate Cake inspiration

What I Did: The cake completely fell apart when removing it from the pans, and the frosting was nothing like the one in the photo. We still ate it! It disintegrated into a giant mound of crumbling chocolate when we tried to cut it, but it still tasted good!

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Especially Dark Chocolate Cake result

Next Time I Will: I have no idea how to rectify this disaster. Maybe grease the pans more so the cake doesn’t fall apart when taking it out.

Pinterest Fail Especially Dark Chocolate Cake storyboard


  1. Katherine

    If ya soften the butter and then whip in the cocoa and sugar you”ll likely have a stiffer consistency. Melted butter is a tricky frosting base – they should tell you to melt it and stir in the cocoa and then make sure its not still too warm from the melting so as to liquefy the sugar. 🙁

  2. Acelenasse

    You need to either grease and then dust the pan with flour or cocoa powder to have it pop out. They alo sell something called cake remover (I think) at craft stores.

  3. Suzy

    Make sure the cake is 100% cooled before you turn it out of the pan. I’d even suggest for an extra gooey recipe like this that you refrigerate it for an hour or two, or overnight, before you flip it out of the pan.

  4. Ama

    have found that greasing the pan with butter and then putting a square of parchment paper on the bottom of my cake pan makes the cake pop out very easily after it’s cooled, even when making crumbly gluten free cakes.

  5. Jen

    I think yours looks more appetizing! Sweet tooth that I have, I’d have added a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side!

  6. Abi

    I would take the fail over the original. It looks gooey and scrumptious!

  7. Martha

    I like the failed version better simply because it looks delicious and ready to dig into

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