Fail: Giant Bauble Wreath

Pin Reaper: PrincessTamarin

Original Inspiration:
via:  e-with-ornament-wreath-tutorial.html

Pinterest Fail Giant Bauble Wreath inspiratoin

What I Did: I saw this and thought it would look awesome on my wall. I had a couple of pool noodles and purchased what seemed like a thousand baubles. It was going so well, and did look truly beautiful. My first failure was in the form of bauble shortage. The warnings were clear on Pinterest, but never mind, that was easily rectified.  I hung my wreath until I had time to buy more baubles and the time to affix them. This is when the big problem started. It drooped, and then began to fold at the top, dropping baubles of death onto the stairs for innocent night walkers to slip on in the darkness! I did what the pin told me to do, the noodles were just not strong enough to hold the weight of all the baubles.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Giant Bauble Wreath result

Next Time I Will: I still would love a giant bauble wreath, so I may try to find a more solid base. Or maybe not and just forget the whole sorry and expensive story.

Pinterest Fail Giant Bauble Wreath storyboard


  1. Jessica

    I used a Styrofoam ring when I tried this project and it worked out much better

  2. Elle

    Honestly I do not understand how pool noodles would NOT bend and be limp like yours. I read the pin and I guess she really did use them, but it is hard to believe that they kept that perfectly circular shape …

    • Kate

      There are pool noodles that you can buy that are VERY stiff. They are much thicker, though, than the ones used in the “fail.”

  3. Fleur

    I used to make these too, but used straw rings. Not one has fallen apart after 5 years.

  4. Storm

    Get an actual wreath form from the craft store. Stop using pool noodles.

  5. Susan

    So funny! It really made my day!

  6. Susan

    So funny! The photo is absolutely hilarious. It really made my day.

  7. tammy g

    I did the SAME THING! I am laughing so hard!!!!

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