Fail: Succulent Wreath

Pin Reaper: Succulent Sadness

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Succulent Wreath inspiration

What I Did:It just looked so easy… yet 13 months later this is all I’ve created. I had to propagate the succulents first so that took a long time and much love. Also, they’re slippery little buggers that so don’t want to hang on a wreath. They’d much rather be on the ground, so whenever I’m not looking they throw themselves off the wreath and onto the lawn. Then, of course, I don’t see them and they die a painful death from the lawnmower. It’s just exhausting… but maybe it will be a useful Halloween decoration?

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Succulent Wreath result

Next Time I Will: I just won’t.

Pinterest Fail Succulent Wreath storyboard


  1. Renee

    Maybe let them grow and establish while the wreath is laying flat before you try hanging it.

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