Fail: Succulent Wreath

Pin Reaper: Succulent Sadness

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Succulent Wreath inspiration

What I Did:It just looked so easy… yet 13 months later this is all I’ve created. I had to propagate the succulents first so that took a long time and much love. Also, they’re slippery little buggers that so don’t want to hang on a wreath. They’d much rather be on the ground, so whenever I’m not looking they throw themselves off the wreath and onto the lawn. Then, of course, I don’t see them and they die a painful death from the lawnmower. It’s just exhausting… but maybe it will be a useful Halloween decoration?

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Succulent Wreath result

Next Time I Will: I just won’t.

Pinterest Fail Succulent Wreath storyboard


  1. Renee

    Maybe let them grow and establish while the wreath is laying flat before you try hanging it.

  2. Kate

    absolutely hilarious. best pinterest fail ever

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