Fail: Shakeology

Pin Reaper: Ashlee

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Shakeology inspiration

What I Did: 
I started drink shakeology about a month ago and I was looking for healthy recipes that use shakeology when I came across this recipe on Pinterest and it sounded yummy. I love blueberry muffins so I decided to give it a try. I copied the recipe to a ‘T’! It said to blend until smooth; I almost burnt up my blender in the process. It came out like cemen  t, so I just put the mixture on a cookie sheet, added some blueberries, and popped it in the oven!

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Shakeology result

Next Time I Will: I think maybe if I added some kind of healthy liquid it might make it better.

Pinterest Fail Shakeology storyboard


  1. Katherine

    These tend to work better if you pulse the dry ingredients in the blender and then stir the wet ones in by hand. I’ve fought with many a 21 day fix recipe and as long as the dry is good and pulsed prior to being mixed with wet it tends to work better and be less like cement!

  2. Taurus

    Muffins ingredients should never be mixed very long. I guess the receipt meant for it not to be lumpy anymore.

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