Fail: Patriotic Cake Massacre

Pin Reaper: AmandaHoops

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Patriotic Cake Massacre inspiration

What I Did: I used McCormick food coloring which never turned red no matter how much I added. It kept getting brighter pink. The recommended icing was melted “whipped” icing. That separated in the microwave and turned the whole cake into a soggy mess.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Patriotic Cake Massacre result

Next Time I Will: use gel food coloring from the hobby store, use melted fondant instead of crappy “whipped” icing, and pour the red color only in the center to create the red filling look.

Pinterest Fail Patriotic Cake Massacre storyboard


  1. Neriad13

    That actually looks really nice, aside from the icing.

  2. TallBird

    Never microwave icing, put it on after the cake has been baked and left to cool

    • AA

      It is what the recipe says to do though. It says microwave the icing.

      I’ve found these Betty Crocker recipes often don’t work as pictured. For instance, they show the regular liquid coloring in the picture, but couldn’t possibly have gotten those colors if they’d used it. You have to use gel colors, so why don’t they say that?

  3. madi

    you can’t microwave fondant, it just dries out.

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