Fail: Yarn Ball Lantern

Pin Reaper: Maple Gioia

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Yarn Ball Lantern inspiration

What I Did: I tried to recreate the yarn ball lantern. The pictures made it look so cool and easy! I had glue everywhere, the yarn kept getting tangled. It was not as easy as it looked!

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Yarn Ball Lantern result

Next Time I Will: I would try to find spray-on glue (not even sure this exists).

Pinterest Fail Yarn Ball Lantern storyboard


  1. Roni

    Stiffy fabric stiffener works well and another tip is to use 100% cotton yarn is sock weight or cotton crochet thread. The crochet thread takes longer to wrap but dries faster and is more delicate and pretty.

  2. kt

    These yarn thingys do look deceptively easy thanks for posting this would have to be one of my fav fails 🙂

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