Fail: Low-carb Pretzels

Pin Reaper: Yvonne Taylor

Original Inspiration:
low-carb/gluten-free recipe via:

Pinterest Fail Low Carb Pretzels inspiration


What I Did: I have no idea where it went wrong!

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Low Carb Pretzels result

Next Time I Will: buy soft pretzels from the store and not worry about the carbs.

Pinterest Fail Low Carb Pretzels storyboard


  1. Jake

    Not laughing at YOU, but the picture of the results sent me into a fit of giggles. 😛

  2. Kat

    There is no way that picture is of pretzels made with these ingredients. I use Almond and coconut flours often, and they are heavy and very moist. Also, with no egg or baking powder in the recipe, the dough will not rise and puff up at all. I think this is definitely a case of a bad recipe!

    • AA

      The link goes to a sourdough soft pretzel recipe. I think the OP tried to substitute ingredients that didn’t work.

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