Fail: Cake Pops

Pin Reaper: Tammy F.

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Cake Pops inspiration  

What I Did: Cake pops – they’re tiny, cute, and simple to make – NOT! It seemed like a good idea. Something small to help us cut back on desserts – plus, so many tutorials! :-/ I followed the recipe almost exactly, but never got to the red, swirly decorations part, for obvious reasons. The chocolate hardened into cement after the first cake pop was dipped. It got progressively worse from there. After this picture was taken, about 6 more pops fell off their sticks, almost as if they knew how they looked and chose to end it all.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Cake Pops result

Next Time I Will: I would ignore tutorials that said “any kind of chocolate is fine!” and get those melty ones (in my defense, they actually tasted really good).

Pinterest Fail Cake Pops storyboard


  1. Owlina

    One of the things I’ve learned during my many hours baking, never trust a recipe when it states that “any chocolate will do!” Buy the baking/cooking chocolate that is made for it, because most commercial chocolates (like Hersheys) don’t have the wax in it that makes the chocolate pliable (and SHINY!).

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