Fail: String Christmas Tree

Pin Reaper: Laura Lewis-Watts

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail String Christmas Tree inspiration

What I Did: I don’t know! We used white glue as the instructions said and glued our string around a cone shape. We let it completely dry by the fireplace before we removed the cone shape, but it all fell apart. This was actually the better one of the two- I threw mine into the fire.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail String Christmas Tree result

Next Time I Will: We would not try this again.

Pinterest Fail String Christmas Tree storyboard


  1. Lindi

    Haha, I’m glad mine didn’t turn out that way! I suggested fabric stiffener, not white glue. Or you might not have let it sit long enough. Thanks for trying anyway!

  2. Roni

    It looks like they used thread not yarn. I have had good luck using crochet thread but the yarn it too heavy and causes the collapse when the form is removed. Also, fabric stiffener produces better results than glue

  3. Elle

    I keep seeing all these fails where people claim to follow the instructions, but its plainly obvious that the “string” the Failures used is cheap synthetic yarn. Which wont work with fabric stiffener or fabric starch. On top of that, this Failure used glue, substituting both components for items that wont work as well, or at all.

    I bet that burning polyester and glue made an interesting smell. lol.

    Its a shame that people who don’t follow directions claim that they did, potentially turning people away from trying a craft that could be pretty accessible.

    • Kris

      Yeah the instructions say jute string soaked in mod podge. I know this is old but if anyone is browsing back like me yarn and regular glue probably aren’t going to cut it for these projects.

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