Fail: Father’s Day Photoshoot

Pin Reaper: Carolyn

Original Inspiration:


Pinterest Fail Father's Day Photoshoot inspiration

What I Did: We recently got a new, fancy camera, so I thought I would put it to good use and make a cute Father’s Day gift for my husband’s first Father’s Day so he would have pictures of the baby to put on his desk at work. Apparently my son was feeling extra ornery and as soon as I presented him with a new letter would instantly attempt to rip it to shreds. If I tried to take it away and tape it back together to get a decent picture he would start SCREAMING until I gave him the letter back.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Father's Day Photoshoot result

Next Time I Will: I would use something a little less destructive next time. This was thicker scrap booking paper but he still managed to destroy it within seconds!

Pinterest Fail Father's Day Photoshoo storyboard


  1. Lily

    The letters in the picture seem to be made of something closer to foamboard in thickness. Much tougher for a baby to tear up 🙂

  2. Elle

    I thought the original letters might be wood, which almost makes the use of paper make sense. They are both made of trees! >_<

  3. Lauren

    Bub’s lack of cooperation aside, fancy camera ≠ good photo. Lose the flash and instead take the photos somewhere with lots of nice, natural light.

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