Fail: “Easy” Father’s Day Shirt

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Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Easy Father's Day Shirt inspiration


What I Did: This project went horribly wrong from the start. It might have been the fact that I traced my son’s hand on an old greeting card, or that I used double stick tape to attach it to the shirt rather than the suggested contact paper, or that I didn’t see results quickly enough so I DOUSED it with bleach. But, my guess it was a combination of all of these. The bleach soaked through the flimsy card stock and what I was left with wasn’t a handprint at all but a huge big bleach stain. As you can see, I tried to salvage the project by then tracing the handprint with permanent marker which only made matters worse. The result was a “cartoon like hand” on a ruined shirt (and no backup plan for a Father’s Day gift)!

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Easy Father's Day Shirt result

Next Time I Will: If I were to attempt this again (I won’t) I would use the proper materials and FAR LESS bleach.

Pinterest Fail Easy Father's Day Shirt storyboard


  1. Hermione

    Freezer paper is your friend for this.

  2. Cynthia R.

    I have laughed soooo hard with this fail!! Omg hilarious!!!

  3. Ashes

    It looks like a nipple! I can’t stop laughing!

  4. Jules

    Sitting in my room at 2 am after working 14 hours straight on a research paper and laughing so hard I had tears. I needed this laugh! I think it’s awesome!

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