FailWin: Chocolate Covered Banana Penguins

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Original Inspiration:


Pinterest Fail Chocolate Covered Banana Penguins inspiration

What I Did: My Daughter LOVES penguins, so I thought this would be an amazingly fun treat that was also not terribly unhealthy. I did exactly what the link suggested, but chocolate cools slowly and eyes and feet and noses started to fall… and then the penguins started to roll to the side. I did have a couple of wins but mostly this looks like a bad penguin epidemic hit the Antarctic.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Chocolate Covered Banana Penguins result

Next Time I Will: I think I would add wax to the chocolate so it would set better. Also, I would cut a flat spot on the banana so it would rest nicely while cooling. A few penguins actually turned out cute and my daughter DID know what they were and loved them, so it’s still a win. I shared in my mom’s group and MULTIPLE people were laughing so hard they cried so that is a win too.

Pinterest Fail Chocolate Covered Banana Penguins storyboard


  1. Colleen

    Freeze the bananas before dipping them and then pop them back into the freezer after you are done dipping. It also looks like they were laid on the “back” of the penguin to set up.

  2. Sydney

    Put a skewer in the bananas, freeze the bananas, temper the chocolate, freeze the dipped bananas to let them set.

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