Fail: Reindeer Cookies

Pin Reaper: Michael Brandt

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Reindeer Cookies inspiration

What I Did: So what happened was:  My sister and my mom were having a cookie exchange. The idea was to make an “easy” reindeer cookie batch. This pin was anything but easy. You have to put the m&m’s on really quickly before the cookie hardens.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Reindeer Cookies result

Next Time I Will: I don’t know.  I would never do this pin again unless, of course,  an elf would help me.

Pinterest Fail Reindeer Cookies storyboard


  1. Nancy

    Oh, too funny! I made these too I was inordinately proud of myself–I thought it was a “win”! But then my mom told me she thought they were kids with curly hair!

  2. sandi

    That poor reindeer looks like it’s been assaulted.

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