FailWin: Walgreens Serving Suggestion Snowman

Pin Reaper: Gillian Keller

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Walgreens Serving Suggestion Snowman inspiration

What I Did: We thought it might be festive to use the Walgreens brand vanilla ice cream we bought to make the snowman character that graces it’s package – because beneath the picture of the vanilla ice cream snowman, it says “serving suggestion.” Well, we took their suggestion and went out and bought the m&m’s as well as cookies for arms and other embellishments. We might have had *some* wine when we were making this. The result was this evil, possessed slumping, cracked-out snowman that, while good enough to eat, definitely didn’t look it.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Walgreens Serving Suggestion Snowman result

Next Time I Will: No changes are necessary. This was a delicious, yet frightening, holiday treat! It’s just that kind of juxtaposition that makes Christmas special.

Pinterest Fail Walgreens Serving Suggestion Snowman storyboard


  1. Faith

    That’s the kind of fail/win that is fun and makes memories. Rock it!!

  2. Bubble

    They don’t use real Ice cream for that picture.. it is mash potatoes lol.. but nice try 😉

  3. Jacob

    The serving suggestion on the front cover(of any packaged food) means that there is a serving suggestion on the back of the box for how much you should be serving(a serving size). Also they definitely don’t use mashed potatoes it’s computer generated.

    • Moira

      “Serving suggestion” is like how on a package of Triscuits, they might show it topped with blue cheese, apple, and honey. It’s a suggestion on how to serve the purchased product, and also denotes that the ingredients shown (other than the crackers) aren’t in the box.
      Serving size is just a physical amount that allows them to provide nutritional information as a guide.
      Though they have “food artists” who create the serving suggestions, and often the additional toppings (etc.) shown aren’t even made of real food. We’re being set up to fail!!!

  4. A

    Yeah, it’s pretty clear from the picture of the ice cream box that the whole thing was made with a computer. I’m impressed that the snowman turned out as well as it did, stacking ice cream scoops on a plate sounds difficult!

  5. joan

    Lol, I find wine always helps achieve epic fails!

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