Win: Perfect Sugar Cookies

Pin Reaper: Megan Rimbey

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Perfect Sugar Cookies inspiration

What I Did: I was searching for a good sugar cookie recipe for my mum’s work friends (as I am home for the holidays with no responsibilities or plans) and came across this Pinterest post. I was afraid I would end up on this site for a fail but these cookies are great! They are easy to make (in a kitchen-aid mixer) and worked out perfectly! Rolling the dough was a little tricky as it kept breaking apart, but that was my own error – should have floured the rolling pin more. Great recipe, (especially the icing) and would definitely recommend it! These really are the perfect sugar cookies.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Perfect Sugar Cookies result

Next Time I Will: I would not add almond extract, as I discovered it is not my favourite taste, but everyone else enjoyed them so I call this a win!

Pinterest Fail Perfect Sugar Cookies storyboard


  1. Savannah

    Ugh I hate it when people posts things that are not really fails on here…

    • Jaylern

      this is the win tag

  2. Some guy

    Of you’re calling this a win then it’s not a fail

  3. AA

    Well, I think you did a good job. Wins are great, too.

  4. Nope

    You posted it on a fail site because you don’t like almond extract? Or to brag? :/

  5. Katie

    Sheesh, so judgmental. I think this person posted as a way to show everyone a really nice recipe that they stumbled on that they recommend, and like she said, she was expecting it to go wrong so it was a nice surprise for her when it didn’t. I think that can be a refreshing thing to see, both as a baker and as a follower of this site. Very nice to see an occasional win, I think!

  6. Maty

    I come on here to laugh at fails. Duh!

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