Fail: Rice Krispy Pumpkins

Pin Reaper: Katie

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Rice Krispy Pumpkins inspiration


What I Did: We tried to make these cute pumpkin treats, but it was a disaster! The Rice Krispy was sticking to my hands, and it looked like Cheese Whiz! Once we managed to make them, they would not hold their shape; they kept falling apart!

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Rice Krispy Pumpkins result

Next Time I Will: maybe let it firm up/cool down before handling it.

Pinterest Fail Rice Krispy Pumpkins storyboard


  1. Simona

    If you wet your hands with just a bit of water before handling the freshly cooked treats, they won’t stick to you and you can mold them well!

  2. Ama

    parchment paper works miracles when trying to shape or mold rice crispies. and adding extra marshmallows can help with getting them to stick together better.

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