Fail: Pretzel Pumpkins

Pin Reaper: Bianca

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Pretzel Pumpkins inspiration

What I Did: I didn’t look at the instructions, let alone follow them. I used white dipping wafers vs. real chocolate (don’t know if that makes a difference??) but I didn’t add anything to thin it out so it thickened and got hard. I did think I was all “pro” by using a double boiler to melt the chocolate, but I still failed!

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Pretzel Pumpkins result

Next Time I Will: I wanted to make a cute treat for a Halloween party. Next time I’ll read the instructions first 😉

Pinterest Fail Pretzel Pumpkins storyboard


  1. Sage

    Yours look like a great first try! Next time, I would suggest you start off with orange colored dipping wafers instead of trying to dye white ones, because chocolate (even melting wafers) seize up when any food coloring that isn’t oil based is added. And if the chocolate is still too thick, I think that adding small amounts of coconut oil or shortening should help. Good luck for next time!

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