Fail: Speckled Egg Cake

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Original Inspiration:


Pinterest Fail Speckled Egg Cake inspiration

What I Did: Oops! I made a poop cake! It was supposed to be a beautiful speckled egg cake, but mine just looks like a diarrhea explosion cake. I used whipped frosting (that I dyed) instead of buttercream frosting – first mistake. Although I used the vanilla extract/cocoa powder mix for the speckles just as the recipe describes, it does not look like the picture at all.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Speckled Egg Cake result

Next Time I Will: use fondant instead of frosting, and find something more black in color to use for the speckles. The vanilla extract/cocoa powder mix she describes in the recipe turned out way too light brown.

Pinterest Fail Speckled Egg Cake storyboard


  1. Andrea Withrow

    The came looks fine to me!

    • Andrea Withrow

      The cake looks fine to me!

  2. Libby Anne Thomas

    haha doesn’t look too bad! lol, I would still eat it though!

  3. Corinne

    Maybe try adding more cocoa powder to make the liquid for spattering a little thicker. A thicker liquid will make the speckles both smaller and darker.

  4. St. Croix Soy Candle

    I would try again. Probably the specks spread on the whipped topping and not on the buttercream frosting.

  5. Katherine

    Putting the cake in the fridge between layers of frosting will help you smooth it on nicely be it whipped or buttercream. Make sure as well that you are using dutch process cocoa powder and try bacardi 151 instead of vanilla. Just takes very few drops. and when speckling use a dry brush and hold it high above the cake for smaller specks!

  6. Hermione

    I would use finely grated dark chocolate.

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