1. Jane

    This works better if you use heavy duty (and larger size) black trash bags. Also better if you can hang them in a wardrobe box.

    On this subject, it is a good idea to line a box with large trash bags that is intended for clothing. I used large, heavy duty 55 gallon bags i the boxes. Thnak goodness, b/c a lot of the boxes came through torn or broken partially open. Having all the clothes in the bags in inside the box kept them protected.

  2. Kim

    Wardrobe boxes. It’s not a free option, unless you can find someone giving them away after a move, but they work to keep the movers from causing mayhem like this.

  3. A

    Oh no! I think your solution of just never moving again is a sound one. Moving is just awful, it makes me want to just get rid of everything I can’t carry on my back in a backpack like a hermit crab 😛

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