Fail: Mini Caramel apples

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Original Inspiration:

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What I Did: I typed in “easy Halloween dessert” and came across the mini carmel apples. At first glance these apples looks adorable, yummy, and I was up for the challenge. The first thing I realized I needed was the mini scooper and after several different stop I realized I was going to have to trudge on without it. The measuring spoon worked pretty good and all was going well. I was excited about the yummy hard caramel I used. My thinking was that I could soften it, dip the mini apples, stick them in the fridge, and they would harden…simple right? While cursing and sweating a little, I completed all the steps in just 4 hours (including the trips to the store). I checked the fridge and was disappointed to discover I failed. I know what I did wrong; it was the caramel, but honestly all that effort and I still have no dessert! I should have bought those caramel apples that I saw for $1.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Mini Caramel Apples result

Next Time I Will: not use Trader Joe’s caramel. It tastes great, but the caramel won’t harden. Go with what I know works, what I have used before, and don’t experiment when I’m on a timeline and not in the mood for a fail.

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  1. Fritz

    The caramel isn’t the main problem. This recipe has been tried multiple times, and I’ve never seen it actually work. Caramel just does not stick to raw apple.

  2. AA

    I have never seen these work no matter what kind of caramel was used. The general consensus is that apples are too juicy inside and caramel won’t stick. I’m starting to think the originals are hoaxes, or maybe they left out some important step.

  3. looptydooptydoop

    if you coat the apple in a little powdered sugar it works pretty well

  4. amy

    try coating the apple in powdered sugar or even a light dusting of corn starch to absorb the juice. maybe that would help… i’ve never tried this pin b/c honestly it looked impossible the moment i saw it.

  5. A

    If you want some cute mini caramel dipped treats, try marshmallows. Get the big marshmallows, stick a lollipop stick into one end, and freeze them for a few hours, then dip them into the hot caramel and stick them into the refrigerator until set. It works well and tastes good, even if it’s not apple inside.

  6. Donna

    I second the coat the apple with sugar or flour first idea (beware using flour if keeping it GF). Potentially allow apple to dry a bit after balling and before coating. But definitely consider the coat of sugar/or flour, to assist in adhering.

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