Fail: Wardrobe Capsule

Pin Reaper: Valerie Williams

Twitter: jujubemix

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Wardrobe Capsule inspiration

What I Did: To simplify my wardrobe, I first had to remove all my clothes from my wardrobe then proceed to sort them and hang only a few items back. When I removed a few shirts, the whole thing collapsed on me. I had no choice but to sort it all because now I have nothing to hang my clothes on in my wardrobe!

My Result:
Pinterest Fail Wardrobe Capsule result

Next Time I Will: I should have waited to do this. Now I need to Pinterest how to build a closet organizer!

Pinterest Fail Wardrobe Capsule storyboard


  1. PrankDetective

    This looks fake. The clothes in the “success” wardrobe look like they’re from the 1980s. And it is a completely inefficient use of closet space. Pinterest got pranked.

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