Fail: Brownie Cupcake Roses

Pin Reaper: Justin

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Brownie Cupcake Roses inspiration

What I Did: This was a surprise for my wife for when she woke up on Valentine’s Day. They looked easy enough on Pinterest. I was up until 2:00AM working on them. They were all blooming when I went to sleep. However, I was not surprised one had fallen when we woke up.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Brownie Cupcake Roses result

Next Time I Will: buy something from the store.

Pinterest Fail Brownie Cupcake Roses storyboard



  1. Andrea Withrow

    Your downfall was putting then on sticks. It looks like the originals are on a tiered flat surface. Also you have the cupcakes in a vase… So not much room I sit. Lovely thought though.

  2. Sarah Colvig

    I hope your wife appreciated this labor of love much more than anything store bought.

  3. Crusher

    This should be a FailWin. I think you did a lovely job and your wife is very lucky!

  4. Jen

    So sweet that you went to all this effort! I would have cried happy tears is someone did this for me…this is a WIN :).

  5. Renee

    This was a win in my book. And one that memories are made from.

  6. A

    I think it was a sweet idea, even if it turned out kind of splatty. Next year try baking cupcakes, frosting them with pink frosting, then just arrange them into a heart shape. My husband surprised me with that one Valentine’s Day. Sweet and hard to mess up!

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