Win: Crescent Roll Taco Bake

Pin Reaper: Picturepocket

Original Inspiration:


Pinterest Fail Cressent Taco Bake inspiration

What I Did: I used only one can of crescent rolls and leftover taco meat and it still looked both presentable and edible.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Cressent Taco Bake result

Next Time I Will: bake at 350° instead of 375°.

Pinterest Fail Cressent Taco Bake storyboard


  1. Jessica

    I made the breakfast one like this and it was amazing!

  2. AA

    Your idea of “presentable” is certainly different than mine.

  3. Crusher

    Taste is what matters! 🙂 I make a version of this with lots of different fillings (Mexican, Italian, etc.) and I only use one can of rolls. If you google “chicken spinach crescent ring,” you will get a lot of one-can recipes that show the process better than the original article. One thing is that you want to put the filling only on the pastry (the fat inner part of the pastry ring) and then pull the points up and over and tuck them under. Yours has the filling spilling into the center where there’s no pastry underneath.

  4. AA

    Of course, it certainly tastes better than it looks!

  5. Makela

    I use a variation of this that I call a “Sauer Crown”. I stuff it with Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage (usually maple or spicy), sauerkraut, and sour cream. I put mashed potatoes in the middle and arrange haricort vert around the outside. It’s a yummy and easy dinner.

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