Fail: Rosca de Reyes

Pin Reaper: Andira Martinez

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Rosca de Reyes inspiration

What I Did: I took a workshop where they taught me how to make it, but on my own at home.  One, it’s winter, so the dough took a long time to inflate. Two, I don’t have a bascule. Three, I didn’t bend the dough well, so it got distorted.

My Result:
Pinterest Fail Rosca de Reyes result

Next Time I Will: first buy a home bascule and second try and try!!!!

Pinterest Fail Rosca de Reyes storyboard


  1. Em

    The original looks pretty disgusting to begin with.

  2. A

    I think it looks pretty good!

  3. Lisa

    I like the looks of yours more than the original!

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