Fail: Gorgeous Lawn Marbles

Pin Reaper: Faith

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Gorgeous Lawn Marbles inspiration

What I Did: Unable to find food coloring I tried Wyler’s drink mix. Is that what resulted in this dazzling lawn display?

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Gorgeous Lawn Marbles result

Next Time I Will: I’m working with some food dye now. Wish me luck.

Pinterest Fail Gorgeous Lawn Marbles storyboard


  1. Bubbles

    It looks like a placenta! XD

  2. Frau_Mahlzahn

    Yeah, that’s what mine looked like when I tried it. It was still fun and looked kinda cool in the front yard (even without photoshop, :-))

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  4. Kathleen Adams

    I have successfully done this, and yes, you do need food coloring. My other tip is that you can’t let the water-filled balloons become snow covered. I’ve heard that snow acts as insulation, and you know what? It totally does! Even on a bitterly cold day, they wouldn’t freeze unless I kept the snow swept off. But so long as I did that, they froze beautifully and lasted for days. I now keep balloons on hand just for thus purpose.

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