Fail: DIY Yarn Ornaments

Pin Reaper: Kati

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail DIY Yarn Ornaments inspiration

What I Did: I thought this would be a great activity for my 8 year old daughter and her friends. We used 12″ balloons only filled halfway. I bought yarn from Target and used slightly watered down mod podge. We followed the directions exactly.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail DIY Yarn Ornaments result

Next Time I Will: For us, this project can’t be saved. Something went really wrong. I guess I could try really small balloons.

Pinterest Fail DIY Yarn Ornaments storyboard


  1. Hazel

    It’s not the size of the balloons it was your glue mixture that failed. The other ornaments were made with a different type of yarn, the kind you use to make doilies with. You used a larger yarn, like you’d use to make mittens.

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