Fail: My Healthy Lunch

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Original Inspiration:

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What I Did: I love sweet potato; who doesn’t? I usually have it cubed in salads. I was working from home and decided  I’d have a little go at sweet potato fries, to go with my sticky ribs, for my lunch. Yeah… so… anyway, the ribs were good.

My Result:

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Next Time I Will: I’m just going to stick to sweet potato cubes.

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  1. Kerry Day

    wow 400 degrees for 30 minutes! that is insane. Maybe it is a typo or something, looking at them I would guess 300 degrees is as high as you would want to go. I bake sweet potato sticks, rounds, and wedges all the time, they are great. I just toss em in some oil, salt n pepper and dried herbs. They are not crispy but they are also not a fiddley pain in the butt like the recipe.

  2. Tam

    I add some corn starch to the spice, herb and oil mixture that I toss the sticks in. It seems to crisp them up a little more :). Patience is key with baking. A lower heat for a longer bake time makes a better product. Try again and you’ll get it!

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