FailWin: Melted Snowmen “Horror Film”

Pin Reaper: Making the best of it

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Melted Snowmen %22Horror Film%22 inspiration

What I Did: How did they get the chocolate so smooth!? My interpretation was that melting snowman wouldn’t look so jolly. I added the sun (an orange). I think that was a small creative victory.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Melted Snowmen %22Horror Film%22 result

Next Time I Will: Make these on Halloween instead of Christmas.

Pinterest Fail Melted Snowmen %22Horror Film%22 storyboard


  1. AIP

    that would be excellent for Halloween, orange and all. Put it on something printed with a clock face and it could be an homage to A Clockwork Orange! (They really do remind me of droogs!)

  2. Crusher

    Try using white candy melts instead of white chocolate. I find it much easier.

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