Fail: Panda Cupcakes

Pin Reaper: Shmuffin

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Panda Cupcakes inspiration

What I Did: I tried very had to recreate these Panda cupcakes. The instructions indicated that the project should be easy… well it wasn’t. First, the tools needed to recreate the project were numerous. Starting from the white edible confetti to the ingestible ink, the whole project ended up being difficult to execute. I wasn’t able to find the “sanding sugar” so I used icing sugar instead. That was a mistake. Then I tried several different colours of icing to make the eyes, which ended up looking odd. Also, the mouths were nearly impossible to execute. I had to take every single tiny piece of long sprinkle and place it in the exact position. Maybe a child’s fingers would have been better for this task. In the end, my cupcakes turned out looking rather unfortunate with each one sporting a grimace worse than the next.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Panda Cupcakes result

Next Time I Will:  I’d use the materials indicated on the instructions and maybe get some kids to help or adults with tiny hands.

Pinterest Fail Panda Cupcakes storyboard


  1. ktr

    I would try a tweezer to place the sprinkles.

  2. malkovich

    I don’t think these are that bad!

  3. Neriad13

    They came out adorable! ^.^

  4. Bella Bliss

    I think they are a win!

  5. Robbie

    Yours are adorable! I don’t think anyone could ever ask more of an actual person in a real-life kitchen (as opposed to a team of food artists in a photographic studio).

  6. St. Croix Soy Candle

    I agree with the above…yours look fine and REAL.
    Sometimes the food items on Pinterest look fake and not edible.

  7. j

    the only “fail” here is the artistic skill level of the maker. Bet you next time this gets knocked out of the park!

  8. Narwhal

    they all look like mud mushed up inmahfacehole! om nom nom

  9. AIP

    Those pandas have seen things, man…you weren’t there, man, you weren’t there!!

    (Joking aside, I agree with the others, they have their own grimacing charm, and tweezers are your friend for the features. Those eyes seem to be the bane of most of these projects as the original projects used candy eyes and most people just splodge on icing and hope for the best- yours are by far and away the best homemade attempt at them Ive seen, as you realised eyes have both irises and whites!)

  10. Tarty

    These look adorable. Sanding sugar can be found at bulk stores with the sprinkles. Usually called coloured sugar or something like that. And yes, tweezers would make placement much easier.

  11. Elle

    I like yours better, the pandas look like they have individual personalities.

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