Fail: Mini Caramel Apple Skewers

Pin Reaper: Cris Wright

Twitter: Crissiaxer

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Mini Caramel Apple Skewers inspiration

What I Did: Caramel Apple Bites…Oh Boy! Looks so easy. Melon Baller…check! Granny Smith Apples…check! Kraft Caramel…check! Following the directions on the pack for “Caramel Dopped Apples” I just knew the minis would be no problem. Melt the caramels with 2 tbsps of water, easy peasy. Let caramel coooooooool before dipping speared apples (otherwise caramel will run right off, okay?)! Cooled caramels (almost non-workable). Cooled caramels…dipped in apples, twirled around. I thought the caramel was thickening up, so the apple bites were placed in a pan. Thirty seconds later, all the coating was in a large, connecting blob on the wax paper – nothing left of the apple bites. OKAY…light bulb. They gotta stand upright so as they melt (slowly?) they’ll coat the rest of the apple & some of the stick. THAT WILL BE THE KEY to “store-bought-looking” caramel apple minis. Right?! Uh…nope. Okay…OKAY…another bulb buzzes to light…Fridge! Uh…nope. OH OH-KAAAAAY…Freezer!! Yeah, Freeeeeeeezer. No. No. No. Nuh-Ohh! Nearly broken teeth & still runny caramel equals BIG NOPE. Project chalked up to Pinterest Fail. Why Pinterest? Why must you betray me when I love you so?  ~Kentucky Heartache

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Mini Caramel Apple Skewers result

Next Time I Will: Try milk when melting instead of water. OR…buy some already made & PRETEND!

Pinterest Fail Mini Caramel Apple Skewers storyboard


  1. Shannon

    Have you tried dusting the apple bites in a bit of powdered sugar to make the caramel stick?

  2. Amanda

    Omfsm. That was the best description I have seen on here. XD

  3. Dani

    I would try drying off the apples with a paper towel.

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