Fail: Girl Scout Owl Gift

Pin Reaper: Tracy Ann James

Original Inspiration:
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Pinterest Fail Girl Scout Owl Gift inspiration

What I Did: In my defense, the site didn’t give specific instructions or something to use as a trace. I thought, okay how hard can this be? Well, I guess pretty hard. I was told my OWL looked like a chicken – or even better an egg.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Girl Scout Owl Gift result

Next Time I Will: Next time I will allow myself more time to try the project in advance and not the morning of when I have to make 30+ owls for a party.

Pinterest Fail Girl Scout Owl Gift storyboard


  1. Frau_Mahlzahn

    Haha, in the original I see the name Joseph Goebbels pop up — I’d consider that choice of a text for cut out for a gift a fail… So don’t feel bad, :-).

    • yellow_submarine

      LOL that was the first thing I noticed too, Frau_Mahlzahn. That seems like a total fail from the beginning!

  2. AIP

    LOL, the little ears make them look like devil-eggs, as opposed to devilled eggs. +1 for the use of appropriate text!
    I never know if these crafters and their fauxtographer friends are trolling us, or just cant read. One of the first hackneyed “shadow of a ring forming a love-heart on a book” images was text dedicated to colonoscopies or some similar delight!

    • Elle

      Seriously, that original text is a little … creepy. Yours is much better!

  3. Lauren

    The original also kind of looks … inappropriate in the downstairs region.

  4. Tracy James

    Wow, I never noticed the text in the original

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